Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I Should Have Known.

In the vein of my last post, Refinery29 was out and about at Coachella this weekend too!
Three things:
1: How sick is that draped floral dress!??!
2: That denim romper screams beach+ice cream cone
3: If I could find a pair of jean cutoffs that were exact color of the 8th girl,
my summer wardrobe would be complete!


Sydney said...

I love all of these looks...I desperately wish I could have gone to Coachella!

kerri said...

aww these are just the inspiration i need for planning prima vera outfits! thank-you so much, best coachella post i've seen! x

Kamila M. said...

oh boy oh boy even R29 was probably the only person that wasn't able to attend...nice to meet you by the way!love the post

Unknown said...

So awesome you went to Coachella! You can and shall have a pair of denim cut-offs that colour. Urban Outfitters has them all the time!

Maryn said...

good retro look i really like it!


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