Thursday, December 3, 2009

They Couldn't Wash The Echos Out.

Just practicing my "T-Rex" pose with my little sister (intrepid photographer) in a new green leather jacket that I got for only $3.50 at the Value Village 50% off sale! One of my best thrifted finds ever, without a doubt. I'm also the proud owner of not one but two pairs of vintage white leather oxfords! Yay for flats that go with everything.

Thrifted jacket, tee, oxfords, skirt. Gifted HUE tights.


calivintage said...

i love the styling. i like how you paired the white oxfords with the black tights with flower print. a nice touch!

Anonymous said...

GEEZ, LYDIA. Why are you so darn cool?

valerie said...

$3.50?! what a steal! you look wonderful, as ever.


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