Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Everyone and their dog loves model extraordinaire, Lara Stone, myself included. She's captivating and diverse in a way that hasn't been seen in recent years since the popularization of interchangable, Eastern European wunder-models. But her individuality, including her size, hasn't always been means for celebration. Check out this enlightening article on vogue.com in which, Lara opens up about the inner lives of models.



kelsea said...

obviously lara is amazing. sooo freaking beautiful!

Alison Hartford said...

Oh, cripes, I read that article. What a joke. Can we not talk about models being "fat"!?! And then there's some kind of ALARM about eating disorders, addictions, depression etc. Please. She's stunning. But "curvy"? Give me a break.
Nice post!


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