Wednesday, October 14, 2009


First day of the festival!
Katy Perry was feeling under the weather but put on a good show,
jumping around but still somehow keeping her perfect ringlets perfectly ringlet-y.
She made me want to be her best friend,
and had the coolest tie dye tulle romper, I'm super jealous.
Then we walked around the grounds,
and the evening watched Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground...they were such a trip!
It was quite surreal, a dreamy and inspiring show.


monika said...

wow, I really dig those rasperry colored boots. Where are they from? Make me really happy and don´t say they´re vintaaage!

Unknown said...

Purple boots = Amazing.

Malika R. said...

Saw her with No Doubt she has crazy energy!!!
Love lOVE LOVE the purple boots!


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