Monday, October 6, 2008

I've been away.

I moved on wednesday...
And we managed to lose the USB cords in a box during the move.
So until we locate them.... no pictures.

But I have photos from last Tuesday.
I made this dress! =D

Dress: Handmade from Thrifted Fabric
Cardi: AE
Shoes: Value Village
Belt: Value Village

P.S. I'm now the proud owner of a WALK IN CLOSET!


terren said...

I'm so impressed - you made that dress!!? also i love your shoes. and also i'm so jealous that you have a walk-in :(
(the shirt is aa and the skirt is from thrift town. I got some other things from savers!)

christina said...

Wow, impressed that you were able to make that dress! It looks great!


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