Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sweet Like Pink Lemonade.

I am currently very into neckerchiefs... I suppose it's a natural transition from a former bow-tie obsessed human. Since I'm not one for jewellery, this necktie/neckerchief thing creates interest without having to navigate that whole...necklace thing.

Also, pink walls. I really love them. If I could, I'd probably build a city which was only painted pink, where everyone was mandated to wear kerchiefs at least once a week. I can dream, right?

Thanks to Adam for shooting these photos.

Thrifted silk scarf | Gap tee | Vintage Levi's moto jacket
Old Navy Rockstar jeans | Gifted hat | Vagabond ankle boots

1 comment:

Rebecca R said...

Loving the neckerchief too, gotta say!


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