Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Right Here Waiting.

I can't get enough of the preppy ease of crewneck sweaters and silk collared shirts. You could say that are staples in my wardrobe at this point, I find myself wearing this combination at least once a week!

Mohair sweater, Anthropologie skirt and vintage boots from Front & Company
Joe tights | Community Thrift & Vintage silk top
Urban Renewal trenchcoat | Topshop socks | Gifted Wilfred hat


Laura Whitman said...

You look so great! That little silk top is just the perfect combo with that sweater and skirt!



Amy Tributetothestyle said...

Love it!

skye said...

I love these colors! It's a darker, richer spring palette than we usually see, but a spring palette nonetheless. That sweater is luscious.

Robin said...

love the boots and sweater


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