Friday, March 7, 2014

They Said The World Was Black & White.

I've been enamored with black and white combinations of late, especially patterned monochrome pieces. It's a simple way to dress in striking manner, and a nice little nod to 1960's mod fashions. I mixed in a little bit of blues this time around, because I couldn't go completely colorless!

What have you been wearing lately?

photos by Adam.

CR3W varsity jacket | F21 shirt | Deena & Ozzy hat
Style is Style dress | The Bay tights + socks | Gifted H&M ankle boots


Amy Tributetothestyle said...

Back/white and stripes/dots never fail! You look great!

Jamie Rose said...

I love black and white outfits. Especially when there's more than one fun print going on like in your outfit! You look awesome, as usual!

Adele said...

there's a lot of black and white outfits for new winter season where i live- i must say i'm feeling the influence too

skye said...

I love the schoolgirl thing you've got going on, especially with the mixed prints.


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