Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Sweetest Touch.

I'm not sure how it happened, but I've noticed a shift in my wardrobe. Minor changes, but they are signifying a gradual change. Typically, I shy away from red, a color that intimidates me. Bold, unapologetic and direct, I've been one to select anything other than crimson or scarlet, for fear of inviting too much attention. Perhaps this seems comical coming from someone who frequently wears 3+ patterns in a "power clashing" fashion (as friends have so hilariously defined it), but I really am very shy when it comes to red. In keeping with renewal and a fresh start, it seems like the perfect time to adventure into new directions, both sartorially and in life. Cherry red seemed like the perfect mate to an Aritzia piece that miraculously got consigned at my work. I've been pining for this sweater since I saw this post back in 2010. The sweetly macabre motif encapsulates my tendency to simultaneously be bitingly sarcastic while wearing what is considered "cutesy" clothing. Good things come to those who wait...

Speaking of which, two very special corners of the Internet so kindly featured me recently. First off, Style is Style was mentioned in a super sweet article about winter style on Refinery29(!!!) The fact that Refinery maintains an opinionated, well-informed and socially aware voice while delivering up-to-date fashun news is one of the many reasons I find myself clicking on many of the stories.

My dear friend (who just so happens to be a splendid author among other things...) Christina Cooke and I sat down to discuss what it means to be queer and black, and growing up in environments that were seriously lacking in representations of both. I've been trying to push myself to share my experience, despite how much it terrifies me to be so truthful in such a public space. Christina is one of the most welcoming people I know, so it was easy to feel comfortable sharing some feeeeeeeeelings and thoughts with her. Feel free to take a gander for a conversation that is definitely different than what I typically post on this space. I'm excited to share this one with you!

Thrifted skirt, fox fur collar, London Fog coat | Gift vintage shirt
Joe Fresh tights | C/O Surfdome Cheap Monday cat eye sunnies
sweater, Dolce Vita ankle boots (from Front & Co)


Lydia said...

Power clashing=my new favorite phrase.

Hannah said...

You? Afraid of red? Nah, I don't believe it! You seriously look really good in this color. And congrats on the website features - I'm so happy for you being able to use your voice and for getting out of your comfort zone in terms of speaking honestly online.

Jamie Rose said...

Well I think red looks awesome on you! You should definitely incorporate it into your wardrobe more often. You pull off bold colors so well.

Amy Tributetothestyle said...

Love this outfit and love the sunglasses!

epopek said...

I can't believe you're afraid of red - it looks fabulous on you! But I guess everyone has those colors that they just don't always instinctively reach for. I'm the opposite, I have to stop myself from wearing red every day, but I'm still timid about mixing prints.

Laura Whitman said...

That skirt is fabulous on you! Red is definitely one of your colors!


adele said...

I think you look great in Red!
I think the first time I heard about Power Clashing was watching the HBO series, Girls but hey I could be wrong
It's definitely something I do a lot with my personal style


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