Friday, December 6, 2013

Old Cat, New Tricks.

I didn't think it would happen...but I've been wearing pants lately! Granted, this pair is more of a thick legging/jegging hybrid, almost like a grandma leisure pant. They are as comfy as can be.

One of my recent goals has been to be unafraid to challenge myself... and wearing pants is super challenging for me. I look to pants pros Lady Morairty and Bianca for outfit inspiration; it surprised me how hard it is for me to figure out what to wear with them. A blazer and a collared shirt with some loafers seemed like a dapper place to start!

Thrifted wool blazer, cat pin, leather loafers
Daiso socks | Deena & Ozzy felt cat hat
AA button down via Front & Company | Urban Renewal trench


Daww said...

I yield! You are one impossibly adorable human.

Rebecca R said...

You look super classy in this ensemble. Love it!

Hope said...

Those loafers are fabulous. I have a hard time wearing pants too. They never seem to fit right and I have been gravitating towards skirts and dresses a lot more lately. I do have a pair of thick legging/pants (slacks?) that I really like and one pair of high waisted twill trousers from ASOS. Good pants are hard to find.

lokello said...

Good pants are VERY hard to find! Especially if you have a very specific silhouette in mind. I plan on getting multiples of these!

Laura Whitman said...

Those pants look great on you! Finding a great pair of pants is hard, but when you do you want to jump and down like a maniac - or at least I do! :)




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