Friday, September 27, 2013

That Kind Of Luxe Ain't For Us.

I unexpectedly ended up at an antique shop with Mitzi a couple of weekends ago. Although most pieces were far beyond my means, it was quite a treat to spend a Saturday morning looking at baubles and chandeliers. Surprisingly, we found a most perfect backdrop for taking photos outside, since Antiques Market is located in the industrial part of East Vancouver. Even though we left empty handed, the outing was 100% worthwhile!

What are your plans this weekend?

Thrifted shirt | Free dress | Deena & Ozzy straw cap
TopShop socks | Vintage boots 


Erin said...

Leave some perfect for the rest of us, ladies. Daaaaamn!

Jamie Rose said...

You two are so awesome! I'm kind of in love with both of your sunglasses too, so there's that...

Garen Abel-Unokan said...

I'm in love w/ your lipstick and your shirt!


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