Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hansel From Basel SS 2013.

For those of us who are less inclined to partake in trousers, the chilliness of fall presents a new set of challenges. How does one keep warm while avoiding the entrapment of pant legs? The solution, my friends, is hosiery, and lots of it!

I'm always excited to scope out new tights when autumn rolls around. The Spring/Summer 2013 lookbook from Hansel from Basel is both a visual delight and a virtual wishlist of exactly the kind of legwear I'll be sporting come October. Novelty prints and saturated but approachable color palettes, which can easily be intergrated into any wardrobe. Granted, you could quite easily pair high striped socks with cuffed slim trousers, but you can bet I'll be wearing mine with printed skirts and cozy vintage dresses.

photos courtesy of Hansel from Basel.


nshay1031 said...

Hey, Lydia! I am obsessed with the tights featured on the site you shared, however, there are no plus size options :( Do you know of a great site that offers printed and polka dotted plus size tights?! I am sick of donning the plain colors all fall/winter and want to mix things up! Thanks!

lokello said...


I totally understand, it can be hard to find cute tights in bigger sizes. Check out We Love Colors (http://www.welovecolors.com/Shop/PlusSizedHosiery.htm), as well as ModCloth (http://www.modcloth.com/shop/search?keyword=plus+size+tights).

Tabbi offers a wide range of opaque ones (http://shop.tabbisocks.com/opaque-color-tights/), the L-XL fits me, and I'm about a 14-16. I'm not sure if you are based in North America, but every season I buy the bulk of my tights from Joe Fresh. They are only $6-8 a pair, and the size D usually fits. Hope this helps, happy hunting xoxo

MrsApril said...

Those photos are gorgeous. They make me want to get dressed up and go outside... if it wasn't so hot!


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