Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Five.

Another Friday round up! I haven't been poking around the Web as much lately, just one of those stretches where real life distracts me from the Internet. Hopefully you'll be seeing a little more of me next week! For the time being, here are some of my favorite links from the past couple of weeks.

Prom season is upon us yet again, and although my dinner + dance days are long behind me (Class of '07!) I enjoyed this Clothes Horse prom inspired post. I wish I had been bolder at my prom as well, but at least I wore a short cocktail dress in a sea of princess gowns. What did you wear to your prom?

This one speaks for itself: Why Fashion Bloggers Need Feminism on IFB.

StyleLikeU is one of my most beloved personal style websites, as it caters to my curiosities about the homes of stylish people. Elisa and Lily are working on featuring positive body image through #areUbeingU, and this roundtable discussion really resonated with me. It's great to hear fellow women talk about the relationships they hold with their bodies, and how it is intertwined with self esteem and our daily lives.

An interesting move for the fashion world, the first woman to be signed as a male model. Androgyny has always been a reoccurring theme in editorials and collections, and Casey Legler caters perfectly to a gender-bending world.

Susie Bubble will always be one of my favorite bloggers, and was one of the first blogs I read religiously. The Coveteur took a look at her closet, and it's just as bright and wonderful as one might suspect...

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