Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Zou Bisou Bisou.

Alicia graciously invited me to a Mad Men premiere party at Establishment on Sunday, and how could I say no? With Kate as my date, we drank, made merry and ate one of the most delicious grilled cheese sandwiches ever. One of the exciting elements of going to a party like this was being able to dress up, outside of my usual realm of daily practicality.

I sported a fairly simple cat eye liner, red lips pairing...and it was the perfect time to try out my new Lash Genius from Anastasia. This product waterproofs any mascara, acting as a sort of top coat. I must admit, I was kind of skeptical about it's abilities. But, upon wearing it, I avoided that awkward mascara meltdown that usually migrates under my eyelids when I wear makeup for a long time. My makeup stayed in place, and the product itself was super easy to apply. An A+ in my books!

As far as my outfit that night, it sort of ended up being less Joan and more rockabilly. Not quite true to the period, but I feel like the essence was there. At least it was an excuse to wear my Stop Staring! dress again, and it was warm enough to wear my new Jellypop Calla sandals as well. I love cork shoes, not only because they have a springtime feel, but because they are light as air to walk it. Great heights with barely any pain inflicted on my feet? I'll take it!

An aside: US Readers! You can still enter my Stop Staring! contest. I am extending the contest to Thursday, March 29th. ENTER HERE to win a free dress!


Daisy said...

your tights go so well with your cute shoes. lovely outfit. <3
daisy xx

Iris Daniel said...

These sunglasses are perfect! =)

nina said...

love the dress! :)

Ahka Vintage said...

I LOVE it!!  Agreed that it is a little rockabilly but it looks fantastic!

Une parisienne said...

I love your shoes !! And your dress is so pretty !
Kiss fom Paris
Trip in my dressing

Jupe_Cambria said...

Can't get over how amazing those Stop Staring dresses are soooooooooo gorgeous in yours, you look like a glam vintage movie star!

<3 Cambria

kristina said...

i looove it!

Neon_Michelle said...

I still LOVE that dress! It's such a great style and it looks so good on you too. I'd never heard of Lash Genius - that is such a great idea! I don't do waterproof often so I hate to invest is separate products so this would be great!

Leonie @ The Signature Bow said...

Love this Mad Men inspired look, that dress is gorgeous! I also really like the heels, with the cute bow on top. Sad I missed out on the party, but I watched the episode later that night and thought it was AWESOME!

xo Leonie


Jamie Rose said...

You both look fantastic and so retro and fun! 

Constance said...

Your shoes are to die for!


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