Friday, June 24, 2011

It Isn't The Ending, So Much As The Start.

I hate to be silent on here for so long, but I haven't really been in the space to blog lately. Starting Monday I am going start to update regularly again. You can always find my latest inspirations on tumblr, which is where all these photos are from.

P.S. I highly recommend this song for melancholy and general sadness. Heartbreakingly beautiful.


Anonymous said...

I love following your tumblr! I think I like and reblog just about everything you post :)

Can't wait to hear from you again. Thank you for being so honest with us all the time, especially about being in down moods. You're such an inspiring person.

♥ Camille

Robin said...

I love all your pics and keep your chin up!

ginny said...

i really love all these photos, and feist let it die is such a good song.

i love your style :)

STARR said...

You always know how to recognize good color :)

Jo - Lost in the Haze said...

The red hair is amaazing! And I love the pink bow! Be sure to enter my £100 ASOS giveaway!

Lost in the Haze

origami said...

I'm really looking forward to seeing your posts again! :D

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