Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Stylish Heart.

Lately I've been struggling with figure out easy, go to outfits in my wardrobe. Racing to class leaves little time for lengthy decision making, especially when it comes to getting dressed. This is where The Stylish Heart comes in. She's got an adorable sense of style, and I love that she always manages to look like herself, but not identical outfits daily. I'm definitely taking pointers from her.


Miranda said...

Love the hats, you pull the look off well!


R.G. said...

ohhh she is so pretty!!!

xx from germany


Q's Daydream said...

Simply adorable!
You always look fantastic though! ;o)

Brad Fallon said...

Nice boots!

Wangari said...

Absolutely agree with you about her style. She is the queen of simple yet chic daily outfits!

Kelly Lauren said...

definitely agreed! I was so happy when I stumbled across her outfits, she's definitely effortlessly chic and cute! kinda like someone else I know... oh, you!


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