Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fish & Chips.

A beach date with Tim Tam (my bf)...
I've had the Lolita glasses for a year...only wearing them now!
Oh, and please don't judge me by my boyfriend's sandals.
You have to pick and choose your battles, ha!

Thrifted dress, belt, vest.
From Chictopia 10 Conference Keds.


Alyssa said...

I REALLY like those red heart glasses on you. And the feather hair accessory! Nice pops of color.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic as always! :D
Trust me, we all understand, my boyfriend wears 'high socks' with his new Puma sneakers I just got him.

Considering that I spent 6 months convincing him that all black off brand skate shoes aren't the most attractive thing, I didn't scoff too much. But, it still hurts a bit inside.

You're one of my faves, because you are completely original.

I hope you had a glorious date.


Rebecca Jane said...

I love your whole outfit but the feathers!! Amazing.

I hope your date was fab, and of course you don't get judged for poor sandal choices.. haha no man is perfect

hannah and landon said...

Beautiful as ever! Making me want delicious fish and chips!

Unknown said...

Cute date!

I can't believe you thrifted that dress! I don't remember where my Lolita glasses are... Sadies...

laura said...

You always pull off fascinators so perfectly! You look utterly lovely

the other emily said...

WORD. my boyfriend, an otherwise lovely and reasonably stylish man (bless you H&M), has the WORST taste in sandals, so i feel your pain. he wears these awful *intentionally frayed* canvas slip-on things that make his feet look huge and flat like duck feet, and he insists on calling them "sandals" even though they are clearly just ugly casual shoes. ugh! i'm hoping the awful things will get "lost" when we move this month, and i'll be forced to buy him a pair of toms instead!

Unknown said...

Your shades are cute & don't worry I hear you on the bf sandal thing. I have the same issue.

Ashley Dy said...

You look lovely Lydia! I want your hair piece!

Eli said...

you look so cute! love your lolita glasses, couldnt be more perfect for the summer

oh, hello said...

classic tim face in pic 2 :P

p.s. youre beautiful and ilu!

Allana said...

I love it! You two look like you are having so much fun ! I am a big fan of your blog ! Keep up the good work !



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