Thursday, January 7, 2010


I'm considering doing a major overhaul on my wardrobe and selling/donating all the things that I don't wear, at the same time attempting to find trust worthy basics that are foolproof but still interesting. I don't know about you guys, but a lot of the time I have a moment where I debate, hem and haw over what to wear, with nothing really standing out.
I'd like to own a couple of no-brainer peices to make make rushed mornings a little easier.
Stylestalker would be the perfect solution to my problem, if I had the funds!
They have several "simple" peices that could be accesorized into deceptively cute outfits with little to no effort. Plus the cape and miltary skirt are killing me.
Wish list? I think so!


calivintage said...

ah, thanks for sharing this! i am in love with the red cape and that little white shirt dress!

Jessica said...

Love these photos! I really want the skirt and that grey and white dress.

Sybil said...

gorgeous collection of outfits!!!! total in awe of each ensemble!!! :D


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