Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ms. Jetson.

Another lovely ChicReward: this AA bodysuit. It's an item that I'd usually deem too "edgy" for me but it turns out it's the right amount of sexy. Expect it to make rotations through my wardrobe, since I like the futuristic feel of the leatherette/mesh combo. Another great part of this outfit are my new best friends: the Payless lace up booties. They were an astonishing $12.50, thanks to a coupon from Oprah and Payless (50% off, down from the original $80 to $25). Seriously, I nearly died when I found out at the checkout. Thanks Oprah!

American Apparel bodysuit. Thrifted cardigan, jacket, skirt, scarf.
Buffalo Exchange tights. Payless boots.


BB said...

Those boots of yours are seriously fantastic and to get them for such a steal of a deal makes it all that much more magical! :)

Nothing but fab.


christina said...

I really dig how you layer your stuff

calivintage said...

oh dear god. did you get those boots recently? i must have them!!!!

Anonymous said...

fierce booties, girl!


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