Thursday, March 5, 2009

So many images...

New romper, new jacket!
Both thrifted (jacket=$13, romper=$6) and sooo flippin' amazing.
Sorry if I just keep wearing these over and over in the coming months.
I'm sooo very excited.

Thrifted romper, jacket, shoes, cardigan.
Self made circle scarf. AA striped V-neck.
Cleo ribbed tights.

P.S. If you are on chictopia, I'm selling these leather shoes.
Size 7, 3 inch heel. Just message me! (username=lydia)


terren said...

You are the cutest! love the floral print. too bad i'm not a size 7! :(

amy said...

Those shoes are so beautiful! I think I'm a size 7! But I just finished a mini shopping spree :P

I love your style Lydia! You are so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

such a cute dress!

McGallo said...

I love so much your dress! Beautiful colors!

Claudia said...

you are so cute i love your outfit!

Anonymous said...

your dress is so adorable, very pretty.

Jane said...

Cute romper

Visit me at Vintage Tea!

karla deras said...

I like the scarf- red is actually a favorite color of mine, although I never really wear it.

And I'd so buy those heels if they were like three inches taller :)


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