Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'm too fat?!?!!?

I've been informed that I'm too fat for lookbook.
Some girl told me that my outfits were really cute, but that I should "really dress for my body type"...
Like ok, thanks for telling me that my clothes are cute, but that I'm too fat to wear them.
It really pissed me off, mostly because I don't get what she achieved by saying it.
It's always driven me nuts that some people seem to think that only those who are lithe and tall
can be considered stylish. It's such an outlandish, ludcrious view that has a lot to
do with the amount of self esteem (or lack thereof) that most Western teens experience.
Style is most definitely not one size fits all, and I'm not sure where people get off telling
others that it is. ARG makes me so annoyed/upset/hurt/pissed off.
Probably going to stop posting on lookbook....
Sorry for my ranting, just had to get it off my chest.

Oh well, I've still got Chictopia, which is pretty much amazing.

Thrifted Cardigan/Thrifted XL Tee/
Joe Fresh Tights/Thrifted Boots and Glasses


BUENA said...

You look fantastic! And you can't stop posting on lookbook! Ok? :)

Daughters of Dawn said...

Whoever said those things is an f***ing twat! You are fabulous! Sadly I and many ladies out there would never live up to this persons narrow concept of fashion/beauty...I can only imagine what type of judgment they place on themselves...

Unknown said...

Don't stop posting! I'm definitely not a size zero and it's so inspiring to see the things you pull off that i would have never thought of wearing. Sure i've seen high wasted skirts and chunky cardigans and knee high socks before but seeing someone put them together who is closer to my size/height/race always gives me more confidence to try. Your bursts of color are wonderful and i've even thought about wearing a bow tie (actually I still think that might look silly on me, but if you keep pulling it off I might have to try it).

I came across your blog through one of the sites you post on (I admit i can't remember which one because i subscribe to many)and you definitely wouldn't want to deprive others from being inspired like I have been.

Unknown said...

yeah,i dont really like lookbook. a lot of the people there are VERY fat-hate and its ridiculous. i look at some of the people on there,and though they may be rail thin, i could rock the same dress they do(with some minor alterations via my trusty sewing machine)
seeing someone rock the amazing things you do, while being closer to a size thats not 0 ,is awe inspiring.
ive given high waisted skirts a 2nd try thanks to you!

i dont know why people say the things they do,but dont ever let is discourage you from doing anything. you look amazing all the time!!
thanks for inspiring!

The Glam Life said...

Forget whoever said that, they were probably just jealous, igonorant or both. Your a cutie pie and I admire that you wear styles that are considered for thin girls only (like a belted waist), I wish I could do the same.

simimoon said...

ugh. i hate people liekt his. dont listen to anyone, do your thing you're gorgeous!


That's not my name said...

I think that you are a inspiration. You show to the people that it's possible be happy with ourself. Really dont matter your size what's matter it's that you can really had fun with fashion ;D
Sorry for my bad english =P
Kisses and bye ;*

Debora said...

Don't let people put their insecurities on to you. She is clearly not confident about herself so she sees the need to criticize others. I love your site. You are a gorgeous girl with excellent style. I wish everyone was like you: dressing for yourself!
God bless. Keep being you and tell the haters to fall back!
NB: and don't stop posting on Lookbook. FIGHT THE SYSTEM.. lol

Mary said...

ok,seriously, that is retarded.
im not trying to sound like a suck up, but i think you are an inspiration.

you've helped me learn how to dress in flatering ways and how to be stylish :)

that girl knows nothing.

nv said...

Are you serious?! Who would say that! I have a similar body type to yours and yes we have a bit more meat on our bones compared to others but by no means can we not look great in things everyone else wears. I'm glad that I haven't gotten any mean comments like that on my lookbook but with popularity the hatred comes out as well.

Just like Mary said above me you make me feel better about posting my outfits online since I see that a girl with curves is doing the same and paving the path. Keep posting your outfits! I love them!

Dc said...

another fan girl here.

types like rumi and camille are fun for semi couture reading,and for following the really artistic aspect of fashion. sure i'd love to be 110 lbs and 5' 11 for a day but i'm fine with the fact that i cannot pull off latex leggings or 5 inch heels. no hate to rumi but we can't all be butt buddies with erin wasson.

i like reading your blog because you don't seem to take yourself too seriously! you're outfits are creative and you always look happy in your pictures. i hope you stay that way.

ZANA BAYNE said...

oh what-EVER! I'm a veteran livejournaler, and even after posting in a fashion community there for like...5 years, I still get remarks about my clothing being "unflattering". And sure, I look back at photos and sometimes cringe but most of the time people just can't handle individuality. so THERE

Becca said...

AAAAAAAAARRRGGH! it frustrates me to no end that people feel the need to dis anyone not fitting their narrow viewpoint! what a @#$%&*!!!! you look great, and have amazing style!

Michelle said...

Whoever said that is a total IDIOT. You look absolutely chic adorable in your outfits! :)

OwlFace said...

people like that must be so unhappy...
you are beautiful and so stylish!
please son't let people like that deter you!

kelsea said...

wow, tell that girl to stick it. seriously, that makes me mad, because lookbook is supposed to be a site where only nice things are said or constructive criticism is given. your outfits are awesome; dont be discouraged by some nitwit.

vivian the koneko kitten said...

WHATEVER. That bothers me a lot, especially since a lot of the girls on lookbook are REALLY skinny, and yes it LOOKS good, but once you stop to think about it, its really not possible to be that thin and healthy. Not everybody in the world is unhealthy looking skinny and actually healthy. I think your outfits are adorable and that they are flattering to your body type (which i do NOT think is fat).

Andrea Eames said...

You look awesome in your clothes, and don't let anyone tell you any different :)

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I found your post! Mostly because I was looking at lookbook and thinking "What the heck! None of these girls look like me and I'd look silly in 80's style short shorts and a tucked in vintage T with thigh high socks and DM's. Wasn't there a website similar for girls of ALL body types?" YEAH! Chictopia, I forgot the name of it :p

And I used to look at your posts all the time. You have awsome style, so what if your not a size ZERO. The only people it bothers is the size zeros and its all self esteem ishues on thier part. You look and dress great.

Anonymous said...

Yess!! Thank you for posting this!
i am often deterred from posting my outfits on lookbook because I'm not as thin as they all are.
But you know what? Screw it.
You look amazing!

Confessions Of A City Girl said...

I lovvvvveee this post! I completely agree, sometimes i want to post looks then i second guess myself because of my size. Thanks for this

Check out my blog and follow if you like!
Confessions Of A City Girl

Anonymous said...

I have had a lookbook account for about 2 years and still not posted anything because I feel so bad about my weight and what people will think I think it's horrible how people can be so shallow


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